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Wine Frosty Bag 5X3X14"/10 Bags Plain Clear

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On sale: $11.60 $9.28
Retail Price:$11.60
You Save:$2.32(20%)
Tissue is not included.
Part Number: FB101210
Availability: Out of Stock.
Suggested uses: Great for packing your gifts, quick and easy! For birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and much more.
Group my items: This item is qualified for shipping multiple items in one carton, as well as free shipping when ordered together with other qualifying products.
  • Frosty Wine Bags
  • Size: 5x3x14"
  • Construction: Heavy-duty 4-mil polyethylene Packaging printed bag: 
  • A standard carton contains 10 bags per pack. 
  • Note: The handles are a one-piece, tri-fold construction. All bags come with a cardboard bottom.
  • Tissue is not included.

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